Thank You to
Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

In addition to our community partners, Mémiyelhtel is honoured to have the vested interest of local businesses, professionals, and individuals. These supporters have directly impacted the program on a one-time or ongoing basis, in the form of donations and/or resources. Our supporters help provide unique enhancements to all aspects of program delivery

“Parts of a Whole”

The Cedar Tree has sacred origins in S’olh Tememexw, including teachings from Xe’pay, one of our ancient Stó:lō ancestors

Cedar Canoe

A Vessel for Transportation

The cedar canoe is a vessel for travel, unity, and transformation. It signifies “pulling together” and the inclusion of others in the journey – from children to Elders. The ocean canoe is depicted in the Mémiyelhtel logo, “…signifying the long journey ahead”. Contributing at this level will impact the evolution of the program. The Cedar Canoe contribution makes larger, long-lasting impacts to the program. It allows us to go beyond our place of origin.

Your contribution will assist in the ability to provide work and support for others beyond our foundational program and formally acknowledge that it takes many to move the canoe.

Home Depot Eagle Landing

Cedar Boughs

The Altar

Cedar boughs are one of our most sacred medicines. Among other things, cedar bows serve as the altar: a new start. Cedar boughs provide protection and balance. The cedar bow offers a deeper cleansing and healing beyond what we see. There is a belief of the deep healing properties of the spirt and mind. Cedar boughs also offer great protection.

The Cedar Bough contribution assists in the sustainability of existing programs and supports as well as the inclusion of other initiatives. 

Cedar Bark

The Tools & Resources

The cedar bark has many historical and ceremonial uses. Cedar bark is dynamic and versatile, a sacred resource that has an abundance of uses. Cedar bark provides strength, sustenance, and durability. As we harvest cedar bark we are taught of resilience – that the cedar tree can share some of itself, heal itself and still stand tall.
The Cedar Bark contribution supports the dynamic tools and resources utilized by Mémiyelhtel staff on a day-to-day basis. 

Alpha Concrete

Mainstreet Church

Section 35

The Truth Skate & Snow

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Cedar Roots

The Foundation

The cedar roots lay underground: grounding, multi-purposed and necessary to sustain the tree in its entirety. Like the work of Mémiyelhtel, cedar roots remind us that it is the sum of many and that no contribution is insignificant. The roots provide stability, connection to Mother Earth and delivery of basic needs. The roots are also harvested and utilized in many ways. 

The Cedar Roots contribution supports the foundation of the Mémiyelhtel program. It is a reminder of the vast and dynamic community that is mobilized “behind the scenes” to support this important work. As a Cedar Roots contributor, you signal to the youth, families and staff that you walk and stand with us in the journey of healing and supporting our young people.