Ways to

Your contribution invests in the unique needs of Indigenous youth in our community. Assist Mémiyelhtel in providing critical supports.

Join a Campaign

Explore the custom collaborations within our community or start your own campaign. 

Corporate Sponsorship

Become a name sponsor for one of our Initiatives or learn more on how to maximize your impact.

Individual Investment

Every contribution counts. Every dollar is invested in making direct impacts in the work with Indigenous youth. Give one-time, or on an ongoing basis.

Gifts in Kind

Memiyelhtel is grateful for organizations and individuals who share their talents and goods and services. We are always looking at ways to enhance the experience of the program and we welcome your ideas.

Spend with Impact

Proceeds from products and initiatives offered through our community partners will be directed to the Mémiyelhtel program. Spend with purpose and invest in Indigenous youth. 

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